The second part of the trilogy begins as Doc, Marty and Jennifer take the time-traveling DeLorean into the year 2015 to straighten out the future of the McFly family. But Biff Tannen steals the time machine and gives his younger self a book containing 50 years of sports statistics, which the young Biff uses to amass an enormous gambling fortune and transform idyllic Hill Valley into a living hell. To restore the present, Doc and Marty must return to the events of their previous adventure in 1955 and retrieve the book
Easy recognizable as the book bought by Marty Mcfly at around 5PM on Wednesday October 21St 2015 from the blast from the past store, in the town square of Hillvalley California.

This is a fantastic collectors item for any Bttf fan
And is 100% screen accurate

This copy of the sports almanac also has a very interesting feature... It has a dust jacket. Books used to have these to protect the cover!!
The dust jacket is part of the movie script in a classic scene where marty is in stricklands office. He thinks he's got the book back, but unfortunately for him its only the cover

This book is fully bound with 86 pages with the metalic silver/reflective cover and dust jacket

The inside pages are 100% accurate and can be seen when Old Biff proves the value of this book to young Biff by predicting the outcome of UCLA over Washington game.

These scores among other sporting facts are detailed inside.

The date of October 1st does not match the November 12th date that Marty and Doc returned to in 1955.

The score is correct for the actual game played on November 12th. However, some of the other scores are not.

As can be seen in the screen shot below, the date of October 1st and some of the scores are either a misprint by the printers or later script revisions after the printing was complete.

This page is also printed in the book a number of times to make it easyer for the actors to find when filming the scene

As the inside pages are only briefly seen on-screen, it was probably thought that no one would notice.

Also included is the plast from the past plastic reciept

Biff's matchbooks
1985 version (Auto Detailing)

1985A version (Pleasure Paradise)

Changing version (Seen in 1955)

The alternate version of reality was erased when Marty and Doc went back to 1955 and got the almanac from Biff.

Marty destroyed the almanac ironically using a matchbook from Biff's casino.

The timeline went back to how it was at the end of the first film, where Biff was running his auto-detailing business.

This can be seen on the match book as it changes from pleasure paradise to auto detailing


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Almanac is a 100% screen accurate size of 151mm (5" 15/16) wide & 221mm (8" 11/16) in height. And 6mm (1/4") spine.  With 100% accurate movie pages inside and the cover been very high quality with its rare metalic silver colour and matching dust jacket. This is a must have for any back to the future fan
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Doc's 2015 rear display metal glasses
These glasses are seen through out the 2015 sequences and were used by Doc to see behind him as he flew the delorean along the skyways.

Inside the glasses will have been a heads up display so he could see behind, and the outside of the glasses were metal

Please note that my version of the glasses will not be see through as they are metal, or have a heads up display, they are just for display only, although they could be worn on your forehead just like doc does in the film

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Oh la la magazine
Oh LàLà was a French magazine that featured lingerie models.

Biff Tannen had this issue of the magazine in 1955, and brought it to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

While reading the Grays Sports Almanac he was given, he switched the dust jacket of the sports almanac with the Oh LàLà to hide it.

When Marty finally caught up with what he thought was the almanac in Mr stricklands office, he opened up the dust jacket only to find the other magazine hidden inside

The book has 76 pages containing french txt and  pictures of lingerie models

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Grays sports almanac 100% screen accutate
  Pepsi perfect/Diet pepsi bottles

Pepsi Perfect was sold at the Cafe 80s in 2015 and was bought by marty Mcfly. Also sold was diet pepsi and can be seen in the back ground on the tables 

Our version of the bottles will be solid resin made to look ike there is pepsi inside.

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  Pizza hut bag & Pizza
This is the pizza hut bag seen at the Mcfly house in 2015

It contained a very small pizza
Which after been rehydrated in a special machine
turned into a full size 15 inch pizza
  Doc's Sleep-inducing Alpha-Rhythm Generator
This is the device used by Doc in 2015

It was used to put jennifer to sleep as she was asking to many questions about her future

It was also used to put marty junior to sleep. so marty could pretended to be his son and get out of trouble with Griffs gang

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Pictures below are of the actual prop from the movie and are from